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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

NEW Product Coming Soon the I-Mon Monitor Controller

TMC-1 +I-Mon

 Immersive Monitor Control System

Analog Immersive Monitor control system for use with the TMC-1 remote. The I-Mon may be used with any format from Stereo to .  The I-Mon incudes  PFL, Talk back and Listen back.


· Main Output 7.1.4 plus Left and Right rear Bass Extension Outputs, One or Two Stereo Alt outputs
· Inputs: 1x 7.1.4, 1x 7.1, 2 x Stereo plus 2 or 3 stereo Cue Inputs
· Cue inputs  available on cue sends and main outputs
· Four Cue outputs - Studio L/S, Headphones, Cue1, Cue 2
· Three Control Room speaker selections
· One/Two Listen back microphone inputs
· One/Two Talkback microphone inputs
· Stereo Down Mix Output
· External Meter Feed
· Stereo AFL Input
· Slate output
· Input Sum





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