AVID and Dolby Labs recommended post production monitoring controllers and interfaces.

About Us

 Wes Dooley

When Wes Dooley met Colin Broad of CB Electronics in 1985, Colin’s innovative tools were making audio post easier. A gifted analog designer, Colin had created products for Audio Design and Recording, built 24 track tape machines and manufactured one of the first FET direct boxes, the Susan Blue direct inject. Wes introduced CB Electronics to leading US post production and recording facilities. Wes has now imported and supported CB Electronic’s state-of-the-art post-production solutions for nearly 30 years.

Colin has won an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Technical Award for his work on automating dialog edit decision list creation. He has won professional society awards in England and France and was made a Fellow of the Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS). CB Electronics is recognized around the world for improving the efficiency of the post production process with their innovative user surfaces and machine interfaces . AVID and Dolby Labs officially recommend his post production monitoring controllers and interfaces.

Rob James

"The man behind CB electronics is the charismatic Colin Broad. Colin who? For years, the film and broadcast community have relied on Colin Broad's expertise to solve a range of problems in the area of machine and system control. In fact, you would have to search hard to find a UK film dubbing theatre without at least one of his products, known to all and sundry as 'Broad Boxes'. They are also a common sight in dubbing theatres across the world. Because big film dubbing theatre requirements are so complex most of the previous products have tended to involve a degree of customisation to suit individual requirements".